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BIG WITCH ENERGY Print Cover Reveal!

This is the adorable cover for the print and eBook versions of BIG WITCH ENERGY, which will be available at all major book retailers from Sourcebooks Casablanca. Here are the pre-order links, which I will expand soon.

BIG WITCH ENERGY is the second title in the Starfall Point series, preceded by WITCHES GET STUFF DONE.

The Story:

Caroline Wilton is dying to get off Starfall Point, but if she leaves, there's a good chance she'll literally die. For centuries, any Wilton who ventured off the island immediately perished in some freak accident. While Caroline has begrudgingly obeyed her family's curse, she's never forgiven all that it has cost her. After all, her high school sweetheart left for college and never came back. Until now.

Although Dr. Ben Hoult returned to take over the med clinic, in his heart, he came back for Caroline. Practical, sensible Ben was too stubborn to believe in her curse. But when his own two teenagers meddle their way into coven business, Ben's eyes are opened to the world of magic. He quickly learns that Caroline and her friends have the power to see ghosts ― like the angry woman in eighteen-century garb occupying her family's tavern with a menacing glare ― and boy, do they need managing.

As the witches dig through old spell books for insight, they discover the angry tavern ghost as one of the island's most sinister legends ― information that could be the key to breaking the Wilton curse and giving Caroline the life she's always wanted with the man she's always loved.

BIG WITCH ENERGY will be released in print and eBook in August 2024. It is now available at Audible. The third book in the series, NEVER BEEN WITCHED, will be released by Audible this fall, with print and eBook to follow. The entire series is narrated by Amanda Ronconi and Teddy Hamilton.

Join me on this exciting witchy adventure!


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