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BIG WITCH ENERGY available now in audio

BIG WITCH ENERGY is officially out through Audible! Caroline's story is narrated by Amanda Ronconi and Teddy Hamilton. Click here to order.

Our Story: Caroline Wilton has no time for romance. She’s too busy running her family’s bar to even think about dating. She’s also one of Starfall Point’s resident witches, responsible for keeping the local ghost population in check.

But even the most magical of witches can use a shoulder to lean on, which is what happens when Ben Hoult, the handsome doctor she never quite got over, walks back into her life. Ben is a single dad now, and as he and Caroline reconnect, they discover that they both have a knack for helping and protecting the people near and dear to them.

Soon they’re working together to unravel a centuries-old murder, and Caroline has to face the wrath of angry ghosts...and the uncertainty of opening her heart back up to love. She’s not sure which one is worse. All she knows is that keeping her heart safe will take every ounce of magic she’s got.

BIG WITCH ENERGY is an Audible Original. It will be available in trade paperback and ebook through Sourcebooks Casablanca next year. Book 3 in the Starfall Point series will be released in audio next fall.


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