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A FAREWELL TO CHARMS available in ebook!

I am full of news this morning! The ebook and print version of A FAREWELL TO CHARMS is now available wherever books are sold!

Eva Boudreaux keeps the truth about her life before arriving in Mystic Bayou a carefully guarded secret, flying under the radar as a talented boat mechanic. In the swampy little town filled with powerful supernatural beings, Eva never expected to strike up a charged flirtation with one of the Bayou's human residents.

Alex Lancaster is far too polished for Eva's taste – not to mention the danger that comes with his high-ranking position in the League, which could expose her secrets. Trouble is, she can't resist his disarming sense of humor or the chemistry that crackles to life whenever he's near. Will Alex be able to handle a woman like her? Or will her difficult past keep them apart?

Either way, they'll need to join forces to solve one final mystery in Mystic Bayou. The fate of the town – and their hearts – depends upon it.

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For now, A FAREWELL TO CHARMS is the final book planned for the Mystic Bayou series. But I am starting a BRAND NEW story with the STARFALL POINT series. Witches, ghosts, haunted toasters, all set in my new home state of Michigan! The Audible exclusive, narrated by Amanda Ronconi, will be released in fall 2022. And I'm very pleased to announce that Sourcebooks will make the ebook and print version available in 2023, wherever books are sold!


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