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Readers Ask: About Chocolate Rhubarb Pie...

I've received reader requests for a recipe for Chocolate Rhubarb Pie, Siobhan's specialty from the Mystic Bayou series.

I have a confession to make. I made it up.

I was trying to come up with a specialty dessert that would be unique to this world and to the pie shoppe, so I combined the two oddest ingredients I could think of. Chocolate and rhubarb fit the bill. It just seemed like such a strange combination of tart-to-the-point-almost-bitter and creamy sweet.

But to my knowledge, this is not a staple pie recipe, like chess pie or lemon meringue.

I'm sorry if you were really looking forward to trying it.

While I'm confessing to my baking short-comings, I also don't have a personal recipe for chocolate chess squares as shown in the Naked Werewolf series. I just based the dessert on the outrageously delicious version served at my hometown bakery. But you can find chess square recipes on most cooking/baking web sites.

Enjoy your baking and reading!


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