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The new Half-Moon Hollow title: PEACE, BLOOD & UNDERSTANDING

The long-awaited addition to the Half-Moon Hollow series has a cover! And a release date!

PEACE, BLOOD & UNDERSTANDING will be released in ebook and audio (narrated by Amanda Ronconi) in October 2019. Here's the fantastic cover, a summary and pre-order links!

Ever since Jane Jameson took over running the Vampire Council for Half-Moon Hollow, things have been a little unorthodox and that doesn’t sit well with the head office. This includes Jane’s too-gentle management of her underlings, including Council assistant archivist Meadow Schwartz. Enter Logan Weston, a consultant specializing in efficiency, who’s determined to unseat Jane (and Dick Cheney) and get the council back on track—which means no more of this Kentucky neighborliness and general namby-pambiness. Meadow’s dividing her time between her part-time Council job and her own herbal shop for vampires goes against Logan's philosophies of focus and organization. Logan’s direct, emotionless approach to life and work grates on every one of Meadow’s nerves. And yet, she’s willing to step in to distract Logan as a saboteur works to undermine Dick and Jane with ugly pranks. This pair may not agree on… almost every subject, but when past hurts and current danger throw them together, they can count on each other. Will they be able to get over their differences before the threat to Jane’s tenure ends Meadow’s career… and her life?

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