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Why I frequently clear my browser history...

Asking weird questions is part of being a writer. I keep an extensive reference library, but there are some subjects even my book hoard wouldn’t cover. This is where Google comes in handy. I recently got a request for all of (writing-related) my searches for the week, so here you go.

Keep in mind that I’m working on multiple projects at the same time this week, in several different genres, which is why the scope of subjects is so weird.

OK, they'd probably be weird no matter what.

My searches:

-Distance from Petoskey airport to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

-Recipes for paczki. (Traditional polish donuts served on Fat Thursday in the Midwest.)

-Spelling of Parsipanny, NJ. (Never can get that right.)

-Side effects of malnutrition

-Other ways to describe amber notes in cologne (warm, powdery, woodsy, and honey-like), none of which I liked … and then I fell down the rabbit hole of different perfume ingredients and their smells … and suddenly it was two hours later.

-Parts of a key-cutter machine

-Varieties of autumn flowers in Michigan

-If your new marriage fails, is there a “minimum number of months” you have to be married before you’re no longer required to return the wedding gifts? (Emily Post says no matter how short the marriage was, if the ceremony is completed, guests shouldn’t expect the gifts back.)

*Pause for THE MORE YOU KNOW logo to scroll by.*

-Definition of check kiting

-Parts of a boat engine

-Different types of moustaches

-Definition of prestidigitation

-Image search for sensible women’s loafers

This is why writers know a little bit about everything. We're very valuable to have on trivia teams.

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