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Blogging and Other Things

I started out the year full committed to blogging more often. And then... *gestures in the direction of 2021 so far* Like a lot of people, I'm processing the anxieties of the last year - while also working from home and homeschooling and all of the things we've all had to take on. Blogging fell to the side while I focused on future projects - including the third CHANGELING book, I promise!

But honestly, I don't seem to know what to blog about lately - unless you want a post entitled, My Life In Sweatpants. So I'm asking you, the readers - what do you want me to post about? The Writing Process? Q&A Session's? My 2021 veggie garden? (The sequel to the 2020 veggie garden, which mostly produced cucumbers, peppers and frustration. I have learned not to plant carrots.)

Send me a message through the contact feature and let me know what you want me to blather on about.

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