Garden Update: Baby Vegetables!

June 26, 2020




I have baby vegetables! We have strawberries, green beans, bell peppers and pea pods coming in. So far, I haven't lost any of my plants. Now, I just have to fight off bugs and squirrels who seem to be smart enough to figure out how to open the latch on the garden building. 


Also, squash plants grow way faster than I expected.


Character plant updates:


Big Tuna and Pam are producing beans. The Leslie Knope plant is now taller than everybody else, which surprised no one. 


The Angela pea plant was the first to produce a pod. The Nard Dog plant is a little stunted. 


Councilman Jamm is the only strawberry barrel producing berries, which stunned us all. 


Ambiguity by Dennis Feinstein is the first cucumber plant to blossom. 


The Bob Vance Refrigeration plant is the first to produce a pepper.






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