Will there be a sequel?

March 31, 2020




I’ve received a lot of emails about sequels. Here is a list of my series and whether there are future titles planned. 


THE MYSTIC BAYOU SERIES – The series has been renewed and I am planning two new novels and a novella. A new novel, ALWAYS BE MY BANSHEE, will be released April 7 on audio and six months later in ebook. 


THE HALF-MOON HOLLOW SERIES – I am working on a new Half-Moon Hollow Book right now! It should be released Fall 2020.


THE SORCERY AND SOCIETY SERIES – I am planning the sequel to CHANGELING and FLEDGLING. It will be released later this year.


THE SOUTHERN ECLECTIC SERIES - As of right now, this series is complete and I do not plan on writing more titles.


THE NAKED WEREWOLF SERIES – As of right now, this series is complete and I do not plan on writing more titles. 


THE BLUEGRASS SERIES - As of right now, this series is complete and I do not plan on writing more titles.


And, because I've spent the last few weeks typing my little heart out, here are the opening paragraphs for the new as yet untitled Half-Moon Hollow novel. I can't come up with good titles during the writing process. It's a thing. The novel will be released this fall in ebook and audio. To give you as few spoilers as possible, the story features one of Jolene McClain’s werewolf cousins and her romance with a vampire friend of Jane Jameson’s. 


People who said libraries were a useless and outdated relic of the pre-internet age had never spent time around the McClain pack. 


The Half-Moon Hollow Public Library might have been a dinosaur. But it was a silent dinosaur. A “keep-me-from-losing-from-my-freaking-mind-due-to-my-loudass-family-osaurus.”


Maybe dinosaur was unfair. The place certainly hadn’t seen new funding in a few years – except for the Jane Jameson-Nightengale Youth Reading Room, which was marked with a rather showy brass plaque very close to the head librarian’s office. But the computers in the lab were less than five years old. And I did recognize some of the titles from the last few years’ bestseller lists, probably also donated by Jane Jameson-Nightengale. Her name seemed to be on a lot of plaques around the building… most of them within the direct eyeline of the head librarian’s office.


Something about that seemed to be a little vindictive. But having met Mrs. Stubblefield, the head librarian with the extremely unsettling eyebrows, that made sense. 


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