In which I explain myself...

September 25, 2018

I've had a few emails where readers have asked, "Why Llamas?" about Dani's fascination with llamas in LOVE AND OTHER WILD THINGS. Here's the answer, on the day I was trying to come up with Dani's "spirit animal," I was trying to come up with the funniest animal possible and was struggling. I asked Darcy what animal she found funny


Darcy: "Llamas, because they look hilarious/adorable, and so many words rhyme with it - drama, mama, comma. Who doesn't like a llama?"


Me: "Yeah, that's a lot better than the animal I keep getting stuck on."


Darcy: "What's that?"


Me: "A flying squirrel."


Darcy: "Mom, no. This is why you need me."


Me: "Yep."

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